Monday, September 27, 2010

5 years

I was looking through my blog post drafts and noticed I had a blog post entitled "5 years" where I was going to talk about how I'd been married to my love for 5 years now and how delightful it's been.

But, as some of you probably already know...I was in the middle of having our son Myrick ON our 5th anniversary.

I guess I'll forgo the traditional anniversary post this year, though I do think Micah is delightful!! But, seeing as how we're more than 6 months past it now, I'll just wait til our next one! :)

Also, Myrick is growing like a weed! I would like to start posting the rest of my pregnancy journal, the birth story, and updates on Myrick's growth on Monday's in the future. So, be looking for those.

But for now, you could catch yourself up on my pregnancy journal if you haven't yet read it or would like a refresher.
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Enjoy your week!

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