Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's To ME!!

So, shortly after talking with my honey this morning about all the discounted chocolate candy we're going to get in a couple of days...

I realized I had to weigh in. So much for the joy of chocolate!!

BUT!! GUESS WHAT?! I'm at 154! 154, people! That's 3 pounds since last week. Maybe I'm starting to get some where....

Happy Valentine's Day to you also, my dear readers!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Exodus Chapter 34

As you all know, I'm reading through the Bible in a year, but this time I'm doing it in The Message. The idea is to get the big picture.

In chapter 34 of Exodus, I came across a wonderful passage. In the previous chapter, Moses asked God to let him see His glory. God agreed, saying that he would only be able to see God's back.

So, in chapter 34, Moses is back on the mountain and as God passes by him. The message says,

God passed in front of him and called out, "God, God, a God of mercy and grace, endlessly patient - so much love, so deeply true - loyal in love for a thousand generations, forgiving iniquity, rebellion, and sin. Still, he doesn't ignore sin. He holds sons and grandsons responsible for a father's sins to the third and even fourth generation."

I loved this! Isn't that the God I know? He IS a God of mercy. He IS a God of grace. He IS endlessly patient. I pray that you will be extremely aware of His loyalty and forgiveness this week.

What an amazing Lord we serve!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Did you know...?

I'm in a tax class this semester, and I find it VERY fascinating! I am learning all sorts of new things!

SO, since it's so close to tax season, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the interesting useless trivia I've picked up.

Did you know...
According to my textbook, Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation 2008 Individuals edition,
In 1986 when parents were only required to list the names of their children to claim them as dependents, 77 million kids were claimed.
Then, in 1987 when they were required to list Social Security numbers to prove the exemptions were valid, the number dropped to 70 million!

So, either people were cheating, they moved out of the country, or they don't like Social Security numbers!! :) You decide.

Did you also know...
That a woman bought a piano at an auction for $15, then, YEARS later, she found $4500 hidden in it, and the government made her pay taxes on the "income."

Craziness people. Just craziness!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Albuquerque in '08

I realized today that I've told you bits and pieces about our trip to New Mexico...but not really enough!

Micah and I left for Albuquerque when he got off work on Thursday January 17th. That was actually my first day of school, but we both had a four day weekend!

It was just shy of a 12 hour drive. I'm driving along, at about 1:30am...we're about to cross into Texas, and Micah is sound asleep. When I see the flashing red lights.

I freak out cause, I'm not speeding, I know I didn't cross any lines, I haven't changed lanes. I can't possibly think of what's the problem. So the officer comes out and tells me that he pulled me over because one of the lights illuminating my tag is out. Then he asks me for the usual drivers liscense and insurance, and then says like it's normal procedure, "could you please come have a seat with me back in my truck?" as he walks away.


I turn to Micah for some help on the matter, but he's so groggy from just waking up that he just grunts! So, not wanting to seem hesitant or suspecious, I get out of my car and cross over to the cop's passenger side and get in.

It was the ODDEST thing. I was soooo scared he was just going to drive away with me, or something! But, instead, we just sit there and he radios in his questions, and he asks me a few things and then it's done. He lets me go back to my car.

Has anyone had that happen to them?! It's 1:30am on a lonely highway, completely dark. That seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen! My hubby still can't decide if he's going to write him them one of his lovely letters. We'll see.

So anyway, we went on to Albuquerque with out any more problems. I think we got in about 5am their time. Our good buddy Ian got us set up with cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a nice warm bed. He then went off to work and we slept the morning away.

[I am now realizing that this account is going to be some what boring for most of you. Because, I'm basically going to tell you step-by-step everything I can remember. The point is so that I will remember later down the road, and not really at all for entertainment vaule. So, sorry.]

We woke up and had more cinnamon rolls, and then called Ian to see how much longer he would be. (He gets off at noon on Fridays.) He said we had about 45 minutes or so, so my hubby and I took a walk down to a coffee shop and back.

When Ian returned we went exploring the town with him. I can't quite remember all we did, but I know we went to "The Produce Exchange" which is basically an in-door farmer's market with really cheap, really fresh, really yummy things. OH for one of those where we live!

We also went to some sort of asian restaurant for lunch and stood in the door way looking at menus for about five minutes before I CHICKENED OUT and we went to a pizza/pasta/calzone place instead. Those boys are good to me; I know they wanted to eat at the other place way more.

We even checked out some really fun stores: a paper store, a "lifestyle store", and from what I could tell, a jewelry store that only contained creations from local artists. Those were way fun!

Next we went to Flying Star Cafe where we spent a good chunk of our time that weekend. We spent the afternoon and part of the evening there just chatting and working on our various projects. I got a chocolate milk shake that was huge AND....AND! made with Haagen Dazs Ice cream. It was tasty! And, I'm almost sure vacations are a reason to break "The Plan" no dirty looks!

We ditched the Flying Star and went back to Ian's place where he made us a delightful salad and seasoned pita bread for dinner. For dressing we just used lemon juice...and it was really good!! Who would have thought I wouldn't need ranch?!

The next day we did way more things than I can even remember! We went to brunch at a nice little cafe, where I had the previously mentioned lox. We went exploring different things, we went and played Settlers at the Flying Star, and then it was time for Ian to volunteer at one of the art galaries while Micah and I had a date night!

Our date started out VERY exciting - who knows when it will ever be topped. Brace yourself. Are you ready for this? We found an auto parts store and bought a light for my tag! (Which by the way is still sitting in the car; not being used.)

:) We really did have a good time. After the auto place, we found Old Town and drove around looking at the tourist places. Then we went back to the other side of town and found a place called...something. Bubble Bee's or something? It was kind of like a Qdoba or something. A mexican order at the counter, then they bring it to you. So, definitely not a taco bell. And, not really a chipotle. Maybe like a Tortilla Jacks? I don't know. It was good. That's my point.

After dinner we went to pick Ian up from the art gallery.

[If you've been tuning out, this is where it gets interesting again!!]

We go to pick Ian up, and we come to this intersection that has the street we're on (in front of us) blocked off. There is a detour sign there instead that says to turn left. But, on our left there was a road closed sign. We could see beyond the road closed sign until the next light, and could see that there was no reason for the road to be closed. We're practically sitting at this light FOREVER (there's no one coming) trying to decide what to do. And, as soon as we decide to go ahead and turn left into the road-closed sign, I get pulled over AGAIN.

This time we're ready though. We both go into how confusing that was, and how it wasn't a reckless decision, but that the intersection is freakin confusing. I'm practically panicked! But, he listens to us, confirms that we're out of state, and then lets us go without ever even going back to his car to run my drivers license. Isn't the Lord good?! :) I think so.

So after we get pulled over, we FINALLY get Ian picked up and go back to his place we hang out the rest of the evening.

On Sunday we go to his chapel for their Sunday school and Church. (We missed breaking of bread.) They were all very nice people. After church we went to another little cafe and had a VERY yummy breakfast. Outside that cafe, the road was blocked off because they were shooting a scene for a movie. That was kind of fun! :)

Then we go back to Ian's place so that Micah can take a nap. I get some studying done, and Ian goes off to the coffee shop to work. When Micah wakes up we go and play another game of settler's with Ian and one of Ian's friends at the coffee shop. It was a nice relaxful afternoon.

Ian also fixed us veggie burgers that night. :) He's a good host.

[Can you tell I'm getting tired; this is a LONG post!]

We get up and leave bright and early Monday morning, and the only other exciting thing on the way home (Besides calling the cops on someone) was that we ran into ice on the way into Wichita and had to stop for the night at some friends' house. They're very hospitable people! We got up at 4am the next morning and headed back for work.

The end. Don't expect a post for me in a while! That took the life out of me!! :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Week 3

My third first was accomplished on the drive home from New Mexico a couple weeks ago.

It was a little after 1pm on Monday and I was driving down a two-lane highway about 70mph. I come up on a car that is going about 50mph, so I slow down and wait for an opportunity to pass.

When the opporunity comes, I cross into the other lane of traffic, get back up to 70, and look behind me to make sure that I've cleared the other car sufficiently.


Just at that moment he speeds WAY up and zooms past me. So...what's left to do but put on my brake and get behind him again?

So, I'm following behind him, back in the correct lane, AND HE SLOWS DOWN AGAIN. Not quite 50 this time...probably about 60. But, still a lot slower than I want to be going.

And now, he's gesturing to me...I think trying to dare me to try and pass him again. But, I set my cruise for about 58, give him some distance, and just wait.

He finally gets tired of gesturing to me, and pretty much ignores me from then on out.

But, not too long afterwards, he starts talking to the person beside him or something, and keeps swerving...first over the fog line, and then over the double yellow, then back again.

This goes on for 15 or 20 minutes, and it's making me kind of nervous about his state of mind. My hubby is sitting next to me, and he's getting a bit nervous too. So, we call information and get the police department's number the town coming up in about 10 miles. We give them the guy's tag number and try to describe the car.

They thank us, and then it's more waiting.

But, about another 3 miles down the road, we come over a hill and a county police car and a state trooper are waiting! The county cop pulls out right behind us and waits to pass me. (Which, didn't take very long at all considering we were only going 58mph!) Then the cop gets right between me and the guy and just follows him in to town.

Of course, during all of this, the guy is being a perfect angel! So, that of course, made me feel bad, because he obviously had the presense of mind not to swerve while being followed.

But, eventually, he does cross the fog line again, and the cop pulls him over, as we go first ever experience with calling the cops on someone!

I feel kind of bad still...but at the same time, he was driving pretty recklessly...and why risk it?

So there you have it - 3 down, 49 to go!

It's just salmon, right?

So, as you all know, I made a resolution to do one new thing every week for the whole year. I've already told you about my first first.

My second came on our trip to New Mexico over the 3 day weekend. For a lack of anything else I would rather try, I convinced myself to order a bagel with lox, capers and such. It was my first experience with lox. I think I mostly liked them. I'm still not quite sure about the texture, and I'm not sure I'd ever order lox again, but at least I tried it right?! :) Of course right.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Did you miss me?!

I SO never intended to be gone for so long! And, it wasn't for lack of things to say! I have sooo many things I want to blog about! I only have a few minutes right now, so I suppose I'll jump right in.

  1. I weighed in before leaving for NM on January 17th, and I had lost a pound! But, I haven't weighed in since. I completely forgot the last two weeks. Hopefully I can do better. I am obviously not as committed to this losing weight thing as I would like to be.

  2. Over Christmas Break (Yes, I really have been wanting to post on this since then!) a friend of mine and I got together to make paper chains! Remember those? From like GRADE SCHOOL? We each made one to count down the days until the end of our schooling; mine for accounting and hers for law school. Hehe, you'd think with such well-respected degrees we might be above such childish things as paper chains....but I'm soooo glad we're not. We had sooo much fun!

It is now hanging on the microwave cart between our kitchen and livingroom so that whoever comes into our home can see how close I am getting!! :) It seems a lot less overwhelming like this. Especially considering that it has significantly less links now than it did when this picture was taken!

Well, I ran out of time like 5 minutes ago, so I should wrap this up. I have LOTS of other things to share...stay tuned!