Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 6

Week six started on Friday July 10th through Thursday July 16th. This was the week that we went to Vegas, and was definitely the hardest as far as symptoms were concerned!

Mom and I flew out on Sunday the 12th. I normally get pretty car sick but I knew I wasn't able to take anything for it. The plane ride was so miserable. Did you know that it's common for pregnant women to experience sinus issues while flying? My nose was soooo runny! I only had a few tissues, and couldn't figure out why I was having such a problem. It wasn't til after, when I was able to look up my symptoms, that I realized that was pretty common.

I wish the flight had been the end of my motion sickness, but unfortunately getting around the streets of Las Vegas isn't exactly smooth traveling. My dad does really good driving in big cities, but I wish he'd use his brakes a BIT less. :)

I believe it was Wednesday night when the real scare came for my honey. That evening, we took to the strip with several people who'd never seen it before. We started at one end and walked clear to the other side. At about 10pm or so, we were standing outside of the Treasure Island, waiting for their free show to start. It was so hot (I think Micah bought me at least 2 bottles of waters from the street venders along the way) and I was so tired from the long walk. Then, we got crammed in around a bunch of people who were also hot! Oh, and did I mention that we hadn't had dinner yet?

My poor mom felt the affects of this awful combination first. She was getting very dizzy, and almost fainted. Dad went to take her inside the casino to sit down and get something to eat. I tried to follow after him, since I wasn't feeling well either, but he asked me to stay with everyone else until the end of the show so I could tell the rest of our group where they'd gone.

That worked until about half way through the show. I'm not sure if it was the smoke from the show, or just all the standing, but I started feeling very dizzy. The next thing I knew, I was sitting on the ground and Micah and another guy that had come with us were helping me up. I think I chose to sit down, but I'm really not sure.

My poor honey! He was the only person at this point that knew I was pregnant. And, I'm sure there were so many worries going through his head.

By this point, EVERYONE was ready to go inside for food, so we skipped out on the rest of the show, and went to go eat. We found my mom, who told me to drink some orange juice that she had. I was feeling so hot, but then started shivering! (Mom said that was a stage she went through too, and told me to just keep sipping the O.J. She's a smart lady.)

We got food, took a cab back to the hotel (dad went and fetched the car), and fell into bed exhausted.

The rest of the week Micah was continually making sure mom and I had enough to eat!! He's quite the trooper.

I was so ready to be home. I would say that this has been the worst week of my pregnancy so far! :) So much for a vacation, right?


Joy said...

Week six was hard for me too, that's when I started feeling the nausea...but wasn't throwing up yet at least!

I can't imagine being pregnant, on vacation with my parents, and keeping it a secret!

tsbjf said...

Oh man, even not being pregnant, I would have been dizzy and starving at 10pm! And you had walked all day, and were pregnant!!! Crazy. Glad you made it through!