Sunday, July 30, 2006


After church today, we went to Fazoli's with Rachel and Anne. Such a great place. They bring you hot breadsticks to your table every five minutes!! It's my new favorite place in the world. Tonight will be Micah and I's first night apart. :(

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Well, we found out last night that Micah and I are actually working at camp this week apart from each other, not together. That's a first for us, we'll see how it goes. We stayed at the Schmidt's last night, and Saturday morning we hung out with them and chatted. Such nice people they are. They're the reason we have a guest book at our house! After that we went to Camp for the reunion...we got to see JOY! Then there was a staff meeting that night.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Camp, here we come!

We leave for KBC today. Our plan is to leave as soon as Micah gets done with school, stop by Topeka to run a few errands, then off to Hutch for Dinner and hang out time with Eric and Becky. Fun stuff!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just work again today...7am to 4:45pm. Who on earth likes getting up that early?!

PS: Joy, I hope you're liking this update...kind of a reward for checking my blog every day "just in case"!

New Arrivals and Goodbyes

The Schumm's got 4 new kids today. That's exciting.

Also, I was supposed to work today, but someone wanted my hours, more power to them.

Micah and I went to dinner and coldstone with Matt, Shelsey, Grace, John, Anna, and Jono as kind of a goodbye. That was enjoyble.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Worked today from 11:45-17:30. Again, don't have any super-woman points, but rest assured, I was probably working. :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

I went to Women's Bible Study tonight at 6pm at World Cup. I think I haven't been to one since (as of 9/22/06. ) Maybe I should try to do that again soon.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kinda sad day...

We hung out with the Schumm's today. Which, was fun, but sad too because the boys went back to their not-so-capable parents, and they were sad and needed encouragement.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Well, it looks like today I worked from 7am-3pm. I don't have any super-woman check marks, but that doesn't mean I didn't do anything at work, that just means I was lazy and didn't keep track.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lots of Fun Stuff

Today I scrapped again with Ruth. Then, I was having so much fun, I couldn't stop. So, I decided to steal a page from Joy...hope you don't mind! :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

First Scrap Day with Ruth!

I got five pages done on Ruth and I's first Scrapping Party! I felt so productive! (Pictures removed on 8/28/06)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A new goal...

Well, today I combined all of my to-do lists that had been haunting me. Now I've got due dates for them all. It's kinda nice.

Things I did today:
the list
1.5 hours of devotions
lots of errands (goodwill, office depot, hobby lobby, walgreens, Micah's office, walmart, blockbuster, mail drop, and target)
I also wrote 8 letters today.

I still need to do some more I should go! Good day!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I've done good the last few days!

Since school's been out, I've felt like Wonder Woman even if I haven't achieved that status.

Friday the 30th
- took my test
-walked home
- had lunch with Savannah
- learned Cribbage
- went to mom and dad's
- took computer stuff to Merrilyn
- took picture to Carey

Saturday the 1st
- slept in
- worked all night (2-9:30)
- organized ALL my pictures!!
-drove back to Topeka

Sunday the 2nd
- went to church
- lunch with Matt and Shelsey
- Worked (4:15-9:30)
- worked on some Bible Study stuff

Monday the 3rd
- slept in
- went through pantry
- made list of meal options (one of which Micah is making for me as I type!)
- grocery shopping
- packed
- went to Topeka
- went to Emporia for party

Tuesday the 4th
- slept in again :)
- scrapped
- played games with parents
- worked (4:30-9:30)

Wednesday the 5th
- slept in
- took Micah to school
- went to Hobby Lobby
- stood Mel up for lunch :(
- very productive bible study with Ruth
- went to Hobby Lobby in Topeka
- went to Scrapbook Store
- scrapped like a mad woman

Thursday the 6th
That's today!!
- worked (7-3:00)
While I was at work I did:
- balanced checkbook
- addressed letters
- cut coupons
- made grocery list
Then after work I:
- picked Micah up
- returned library book
- mailed letters
- walked with Micah
- got cheese cake
- went to farmer's market
- went Grocery shopping (hyvee and dillons)
- returned and got a new movie
- and now writing in my blog!

The things I feel good about accomplishing are bolded!

I think I'm doing good. There's always things on my list, but busy hands are better than idle ones, right? right!
An update on my goals. I've decided to take the things off that I finished, so that I can see it getting shorter. Hmm.
Here's my many goals:
Finish bowling responsibilities - 2 patches to mail. ~~>tomorrow, I promise.
Joy's notebooks - I'll get them done, Joy, sometime :(
catch up on my daily letters - I've done less good on this...but it's my goal for work tomorrow
Ruth's collage
Organize Scrapping stuff - mostly done, a few more things to figure out dates on and need to put Micah and I's stuff in date order
Organize/Print laptop pics
Rachel's Scrapbook - got several pages done!
Magen's Scrapbook
Micah/Magen Scrapbook
Plan Parent's Anny. Party - they just want to do Boss Hawgs at the house
Catch up on Devotions - I'm doing really well on this every day
Catch up on Exercise - wishful thinking :(
Filing - needs done again!!
Fix napkin holder - Micah started this for me. One more piece to put on
Organize under kitchen sink
Organize under bathroom sink - think I found a shelving unit i want for this
Organize bedroom closet
Organize bedroom bookshelf
Bleach bathroom tiles - hehe...bought the pen for it
Clean shower curtain - bought the eraser for it.
Write in Wedding Book
Deep clean floors/floor boards
Organize School books/papers
Ruth Bible Study/memorization - going strong!
Reading list:
o Harry Potter Series - on book 3!
o Series of Unfortunate Events - on book 3!
o Narnia Books - on book - on book 5!
o Mere Christianity
o Screwtape Letters
o My heart, My Life, My All
o The woman who pleases God