Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 22

Week 22 began on October 30th through November 5th.

On Monday November 2nd, Micah and I were in Kansas City for an elders retreat for our church. During one of the meetings he had his hand on my belly trying to see if he could feel the baby move (he hadn't been able to yet).

Then, he got REALLY excited because he was certain that he'd felt Hoover move, but really, it was me burping! I was trying to be quiet because we were in a meeting, but his excitement made me laugh out loud! Poor guy.

The next day, Tuesday the 3rd, I had another appointment at the birthing center. It went much smoother than my first experience there.

While I was waiting to be seen I was resting in the waiting room and felt hiccups for the first time!! That was really fun. I was so excited that when the midwife was ready to see me, I told her, "I just felt HIM hiccup," which I had tried to avoid before this, because obviously, we didn't want to know the gender - I just said him because of our nick name for the babe.

So, later in the appointment we were going through the sonogram information, and the first thing she said was, "So, you found out it's a boy?"

Me: "! Does it say we're having a boy?!"

Midwife: "NO! It never says, really! You just called it a "him" 3 times! I just figured you knew!"

I don't think legally the sonogram place could have put the gender on my chart since we specifically asked them not to reveal the sex, but it's still fun to wonder if my midwife actually knows something we don't know!


tsbjf said...

LOL! Can't wait to find out what Hoover is!!!

Joy said...

He he he, the moment of truth is almost here!! :) I still am guessing girl.

MagenRanae said...

Joy, if only you'd waited to post your prediction another 13 hours or so! ;)