Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 12

The fun week!!

We told my parents first, on Friday, August 21st. I told my mom by showing her the e-mail I was planning to send my co-workers the following Monday. She had started trying to read it out loud to my dad and brother, but couldn't make it through without crying. she knew what was going on, and I'm pretty sure dad and Justin were confused! But, Micah helped them out by finishing reading.

They were all super excited, to say the least! My brother's wife Ashley was expecting a little boy due in September, so it was fun to think about the cousins being so close in age.

As soon as dad figured it out, he called his mom (who lives just a few minutes away) and told her to get over there RIGHT NOW! He told her he had some news for her, but that she needed to hear it in person (he made it sound so serious!) She put up a fight, but finally came over (in her night gown!) to hear our news. :) Though, dad did try to convince her that he was moving out of state, before he'd let us spill the beans.

Next up: calling Micah's parents and siblings. We even got to go over to Joe and Jessie's house and tell them in person. We also called all of our closest friends that night (or tried to - Joy wouldn't answer her phone!) but swore them all to secrecy, especially where Facebook was concerned. We were so nervous that our church body and co-workers would find out before we got to share our news!

Saturday we continued to call the people we weren't able to get a hold of Friday night.

Then, Sunday morning at the end of service, Micah made an announcement about our children's ministry program, and "oh by the way, my lovely wife is pregnant!"

Monday was fun too. I sent the same e-mail I let my mom read to my co-workers, which announced that not only was I expecting, but that I'd also be leaving at the end of August. Micah sent his e-mail, which made most people laugh - but some send us sympathy replies, offering prayer and meals and so forth! :)

I must say - it was well worth the wait! It was super fun for Micah and I to have a secret that no one else knew for a short time. And, it was also super fun to tell all of our friends!

I'm sure other things happened this week, like my first experience with pregnancy brain, but those were by far the most fun! I'll post about the pregnancy brain soon!


Joy said...

Yay!! This was a fun week!

tsbjf said...

It is fun telling people! So exciting!