Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 17

Week 17 was from September 25th through October 1st. (I really should get a move on these posts, huh?!)

It was during this week that I thought maybe I felt the first flutters, though I couldn't be sure.

It was also this week that a pair of my regular pants wouldn't button! I wasn't really showing yet, but my pants had gotten snugger and snugger until one day I couldn't wear them at all. I figured it was time to seek out some new clothes!

Sometime before then, I started regularly sleeping with a body pillow in order to try to keep me on my side. It was really hard to learn to sleep on my side, so I wanted to make sure I could by the time it was actually necessary!

This is a picture of our bed, with the body pillow in its normal position (under the covers, smack dab in the middle.) Because of the pillow's prominent position in the bed, my husband has affectionately (or, maybe not so affectionately!) named it "the boyfriend."

I'm not so sure he liked me choosing to "cuddle" with this pillow instead of him! But, you do what you've got to do, right?


Jessie said...

ha ha! The boyfriend, that is funny. I am glad it is helpful

Reagan said...

I always sleep with a cuddle pillow...jere goes crazy if i try to do that (put my leg over him) i HAVE to cuddle something! and you're right, it takes up almost as much room as a person. about 1/3 of our bed :)

tsbjf said...

LOL, the boyfriend, that's great. Body pillows really make sleeping much more comfortable in especially the last trimester. Man, you are like getting down to the wire, huh! Pretty soon, you'll be holding your baby!