Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 21 - The Great Crib Hunt

On Saturday, October 24th, Micah and I went with my parents to Kansas City to celebrate dad's birthday and to look for a crib for our nursery. But, the hunt for nursery furniture started long before this!

Mom and I registered at Baby Depot for the crib and dresser set we liked, even though it was kind of expensive. But, almost as soon as we registered for it, it was discontinued.

We looked at a few places around town, but never found anything I really liked, which is why we scheduled the trip to Kansas City.

While in Kansas City, our first stop was Nebraska Furniture Mart. In the store's clearance section, I found a dresser that I really liked, and the store's baby furniture section had the matching dresser. I liked it a lot and was pretty sure I wanted to buy it, but we also wanted to look at another store before deciding for sure.

So, we left NFM, ate lunch, ran a few other errands, then went to the other store, USA Baby. We didn't really find anything there we liked better, so we headed back to NFM to purchase the crib and dresser before heading out of town.

But, alas, it was not meant to be (strike 2!). The clearanced dresser was gone, and I couldn't bring myself to pay another couple hundred dollars for the same dresser. So, we looked around Nebraska Furniture Mart a bit more, and I finally settled on a different crib and dresser set that was on special that weekend. But, when we asked a sales person about it, she informed us that the set wasn't included in the sale, and so it'd also cost $200 more than we'd originally thought. (Strike 3!)

After that, we were all kind of exhausted from the day, and didn't have the heart to start our search again, so we headed home.

After the third strike, I needed to take a break from looking for a bit, and really give thought to what I wanted in the nursery. This is when I changed from my original plan for the nursery to a whole new color scheme. I decided I wanted a lighter color wood, with brown walls and cream accents for things like the rug, rocking chair and bedding. Then, once we knew Hoover's gender, we'd add blue/green or pink, whichever was appropriate.

So, on the 29th, mom and I hit the local stores again. We wound up at Baby Depot looking at their sale furniture - buy a crib and get the dresser half off. I found a set I could live with, so I called my husband and my brother-in-law to make sure they'd be able to come and pick up the furniture for me. We went up to make the purchase, and the cashier informed us that even though the sign for the sale was on top of the dresser we were looking at buying, the set was not actually included in their sale! (Strike 4!)

Ugh, I was so mad!! I really, really wanted to argue it (I mean, the sign advertising the sale was actually ON TOP OF THE DRESSER I WANTED!!) But, I knew better than to think any of the employees could really make that kind of exception. And, once again, I couldn't bring myself to pay full price for a dresser I had originally thought would be half-price, so, we left empty-handed.

Well, not quite empty-handed. I did find this shirt that made me happy:

Even though we'd already looked at Babies R Us a handful of times since the start of our hunt, I talked mom into going one more time, just in case. And, I'm so glad I did! God is so faithful!!

We found 2 dressers that matched each other (one a chest of drawers, and one with an area that could be used as a changing table) in the clearance section. And, we found a crib that matched it not on clearance. But, the best part was, they were having a sale that weekend that let you get an additional 30% off of clearanced furniture! So, we got 2 cribs and our dresser for $457 including tax! Which was quite a bit cheaper than the other sets we had been looking at with only 1 dresser!

So, after 4 failed attempts, we finally had furniture for our new little babe!

Isn't God good? So many times, I got pretty discouraged, but mom kept reassuring me that we'd find something that worked, and that was way better than the previous options. And, she was so right.


Joy said...

Man, I probably would have given up! I hate it when "sales" don't really include anything you want. Ugh.

Mrs. M said...

I wish you had told us what you were up to! When you're ready to move "up" Check out Babyland and Kids Rooms clearance center at 77th and Wornallish. (That's their clearance center.)
Glad God worked things out with stuff you like!

tsbjf said...

How frustrating!!! I hate that when you find something you like at one store, and go to another just to make sure it's what you want, and then it's gone. Happened to all of us with something at one point or another. And what Joy said, when the sales aren't on what you want--or what it seems they're supposed to be. God is faithful, and how encouraging that he supplied your needs!