Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Interesting!

I want to make the look of my blog more interesting. The whole thing is kind of empty (the Be Productive box at the top, and the little green box over my picture). I also don't have anything in the about me part. Does anyone have ideas on what I should add to make this place more like myself?!

I'd appreciate any input!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Raising Children (Proverbs 22)

These last two weekend we were very blessed to get a chance to hang out with a few of our nephews. One of the huge blessings that came from it, for me, was to see my brother and sister correct their children in love, teaching them the way that they should go. I'm sure to them it seems like a never ending job right now - and it probably is! But, such great rewards God promises for it!

Proverbs 22:15 Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; The rod of discipline will remove it far from him.

To those of you with children: Keep on! I pray for you. There are several of you who read my blog that are major examples to me! Thank you!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Packing is so fun to me! It soo fits my desire to be organized! I'm foolishly hoping that I can stay organized right from the beginning in our new house. We shall see.

I've got all my scrapbooking stuff packed and ready to move into my new scrapbooking room! That's right, the house we bought has a room JUST for scrapbooking! I took a picture, and am ashamed of all the stuff I have...and then I added a whole nother box of stuff that wasn't even in this picture. But, in my defense, the majority of those two big clear tubs are pictures and trinkets to scrap...not all of it is paper and embellishments!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I went out earlier this week and did my shopping at Walgreens and Dillons. Here's what I got

2 windex class cleaners
2 windex surface cleaners
2 lysol air sanitizers
3 boxes of trash bags
1 dollar to breast cancer

Spent: $5.26
Will receive back: $7.70

8 Healthy Choice Entrees
2 Frozen Lasagnas
2 Bryers Ice cream
2 packages of lunch meat
2 packages of cheese slices
2 sour creams
4 toothbrushes
9 chef boyardee ravioli
2 Suddenly Salad

Spent: 31.46
Will Receive Back: 10.00

I love this hobby!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

"Magen needs..."

I saw on my friend Joy's blog several weeks ago, that she posted a thing where she googled "Joy needs" and discovered all sorts of things about herself. I thought I'd do the same thing!

- Magen needs YOUR help in the War Against Terror.
- Magen needs your generous donations
- Magen needs to listen when told to wear sunscreen
- Magen needs to plan a day off
- Magen needs to take more care in her choice of friends
- Magen needs your votes
- Magen needs to get her bathing suit so we can go to the beach
- Magen needs a computer desk
- Magen needs to get over it
- Magen needs to learn how to burp

The generous donations, the day off, and the computer desk I'll take!! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our New house!

Yes, the rumors are true! Micah and I did indeed buy a house last Saturday. The move in date is set for June 22nd. I am going to be finishing up a summer class about that time, so I'm hoping to get all my packing done as soon as I possibly can! If you have any boxes that you'd be willing to donate to the cause, let me know!

Here's a link to a virtual tour. I'm not sure how much longer the link will work...but enjoy it while it lasts!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been Tagged!

tsbjf has asked me to list 10 weird or random things about myself. It's taken me a while to sit down and do this, but here goes!

1. When I was born, my head was so big, that the doctors were worried I wouldn't be able to hold my head up on my own for a long time.

2. I retroactively write things in my agenda so that I won't forget things I've already done. (Micah makes so much fun of me!)

3. I married a man that one of my dearest best friends had a crush on for years! (Awful, huh?)

4. I play games in order to motivate myself. I've done all sorts of things including Super Woman Points, and earning money to spend however I please.

5. I set new years goals for myself, and then make myself finish no matter how long it takes. In my silly agenda world, I am still on December 13th, 2006.

6. It took my husband and I exactly one week to search for and buy a house!

7. I was born on the Ides of March (the 15th), which is the day that Julius Caesar was assasinated. (I'm sure I spelled some of those words wrong.)

8. I don't think having to list ten things is very fair, because other friends of mine only had to list 7 things!

9. I was born in the same town that my mother-in-law grew up in. She loves to do geneology, and has still not ruled out the possibility that my husband and I are related some how! :)

10. I spent $80 on a really cute shelving unit to store all my free stuff that I have gotten at CVS and Walgreens. But, I'm so sure that I'll be able to recover that and much more!! :)

There you have it! Hope you enjoy your day!