Monday, October 04, 2010

Let this be a lesson to you!

Well, the last week of my pregnancy journal that I posted before our sweet "Hoover" was born was for Week 22 which would have been October 30th til November 5th of last year. (And what a year it has been!)

But, unfortunately, other than this picture of me on Week 24 (around November 13th), I don't have anything note worthy written down until week 32 when I have another picture!

It is fun to go back and look at all of my belly shots though. I like my hair cut in this picture, which just confirms my suspicions that I should once again get my hair cut short like that. I always enjoy it, but it takes some time to convince myself that I will.

I was at around Week 30 at Christmas time, and Week 31 at the New Year. During Christmas, there was quite a bit of snow, and power outages, so Micah and I spent a few nights at my parents house snowed in with them and my brother and his wife. It was fun to just hang around and play games and watch movies and such!

Then, near New Years one of my cousins came to visit with her husband and little son Logan. So, more eating, game playing and just sitting around chatting at my parents house. It was very enjoyable!

Well, that's all I have. I guess this post should stand as a lesson to me if I'm ever blessed with another pregnancy again -- that I need to write things down RIGHT THEN and not a year later.

But, I am pretty impressed that I could knock out 9 weeks of pregnancy in one post. So, I guess it's a double-edged sword! ;-)

Have a great week!