Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 18

Week 18 began with me getting my first borrowed maternity clothes - thanks, Shawna!

The next day mom and I went to Mommy and Me, a local used clothing store, to try on maternity jeans and see what styles I might like. We also did some registering at Toys R Us and then met up with my sister-in-law Jessie to borrow some maternity clothes from her.

Jessie had a huge tub of all sorts of maternity clothes. (Thanks!) Mom and I were both really excited to realize I actually needed them now, so we went back to her house, where I tried everything on and gave her and my niece Hannah a modeling session! :) It was sure nice to have clothes that fit!

On Tuesday, October 6th, I had my first appointment with the birthing center. Because so many people were curious about the birthing center and how my delivery there would go, I had a pretty big entourage with me. But that's a whole other post!

At my appointment, I learned I weighed 152 pounds, up from 145 at the beginning of my pregnancy... though I like to think at least five of those pounds were due to getting off of our South Beach diet. I had lost a little over 20 pounds between October and June, so I wasn't that concerned about a few of them coming back.


Sandy Naidu said...

Enjoy the beautiful journey that you have ahead of you - Best Wishes...

tsbjf said...

Needing maternity clothes, a milestone!

Joy said...

how cute you are! :)