Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 10

My week 10 started on Friday August 7th, and on Saturday August 8th I got to go to a shower for my sister-in-law Jessie. (Have I mentioned before that I had 3 sister-in-laws due in September?! It's definitely a fun place to be!) It was fun to day dream about having a baby of my own to hold sometime in the not too distant future, and him or her having lots of cousins around to play with!

On Tuesday August 11th, I had my first appointment with a midwife that can practice in both hospitals.

From what I could tell, I'd gained about 5lbs since when I first found out I was pregnant. (Is this a sign of things to come?!) We also got to hear the heart beat, but it just sounded a lot like a ceiling fan to me!!

The on the 12th, I gave my 2 week notice to my employer. It was kind of weird to do this, when none of my co-workers knew yet that I was pregnant, let alone our parents or any of our friends! I made my manager promise not to share either piece of news for another couple of weeks.

My manager's response was like you'd expect. She was sad I was leaving, wanted to make sure I wasn't just leaving for another job - that sort of thing. But, one thing I didn't expect, was her very first question after I told her my due date of March 5th: "Is 2010 a leap year?!"

"Ummm...what?" took me a minute to figure out what she was getting at, but she was wondering about the possibility of our baby being born on leap day.

Leap year is not in 2010, so that's not an issue this go round. But, what do you think? Would you like having a baby on leap day? Or, not? I think it might be kind of fun and unique for the child, and it's not like they'd not get to celebrate it on the 28th or something - but who knows! Maybe that's something awful to wish on a kid! Any thoughts?

Anyway!! We didn't plan on me quitting that soon. I had intended to work at least a few more weeks than I did. But, I was sooo emotional at work! I didn't think I could handle it anymore. That, and it was kind of like "senioritis". I knew I was quitting soon - so why not get it over with?

It was definitely exciting to think that in just over 2 weeks, I'd be a stay at home wifey.


Joy said...

Yay! What a fun week. I don't remember being overly emotional while pregnant, but Jason says otherwise.

Tricia said...

Hey Megan,
I just found your comment tucked away in one of my old posts. I would like to be born on leap day! It would be a nice way to get away with some immature things throughout your life ("Act my age? But I'm only 6!") You and Micah are going to make the BEST parents! Can't wait to meet the little guy/gal.

tsbjf said...

I guess in some ways, the kid would feel special because he/she would be the exception to a normal birthday, but then in other ways it'd be a bummer to not have your actual birth date. I guess the kid would probably be used to it and be fine with it.