Thursday, May 22, 2008

You may not know this about me...

But I'm totally a cheater.

Especially when it comes to goals I've set for myself.

Case and point: my firsts for the year. I'm totally behind; I've only posted about 5! But, I'm going to count these things as firsts:

6th: my HOTT tree melting snow. The vote was 4 to 1! Thanks to those of you who voted!

7th: taking my first Audit class.

8th: taking my first Tax class...which, I PASSED, if you didn't hear!

9th: graduating from college...which, I SO DID, if you didn't hear!

10th: making my first purchase on Craigslist. Thanks to my friend Reagan I was able to get 2 fun black leather ottomans for my family room for $35! You can kind of see them next to the love seat in the final house-tour pictures.


Joy said...

10 isn't bad! How many more do you have to catch up on?

tsbjf said...

Craigslist is the bomb!

Eden said...

My pleasure. Just last week my sis and I set up google reader for aunt anne and now your blog is on her reading list - hope you don't mind a few extra lurkers either!