Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm BACK!!

Did you miss me?

I sure hope so, because I really missed not getting to blog. I have been keeping a list of things I would have posted about if school hadn't been so incredibly busy, and it's over 30 items long!!

I'll get to those in the next several days, I'm sure, but first can I tell you how GOOD it feels to be so close to being done with school FOREVER?

Good...REALLY good.

Of course, I'm not exactly done yet. I have a tax final on Monday A.M. that is standing between me and freedom. And really, I have from now until then to study to my hearts content for it, so I'm sure I'll do fine.

But, a gal needs a break from studying!! :) So, I thought I'd blog and just say: "Hey, I almost promise I'm going to try to be a bit more regular in my posting, if at all possible."

How's that for commitment?


Joy said...

:) nice

Laurel said...

Yay!! I've missed you!

Reagan said...

yay for being so close to being done with school! i know how exciting it is!

jere is up right now working on homework due tommorow that can't be done during the day since he works full time...because of this I am up because i used to stay up during school till 2am regularly when i had no reason to go to bed and wasn't tired. i kinda feel like i am in school again - vicariously through jere. make sense?

tsbjf said...

That is way exciting that you're almost done!