Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is not a test; I repeat, this is NOT a test!

My weigh-in this morning calls for some serious intervention from my blogging friends.

161, people. 161.

Does anyone else know someone who can be dieting for WEEKS and GAIN weight?

OK, we all know that I haven't been seriously dieting up until this point, mostly just pretending. But, it is time to get serious.

So, here's my proposal:
I will report to you my progress tonight before I go to bed (which could be a bit late since my brother-in-law and his dear wifey are celebrating their 4th anny today and we get to babysit their boys! Congrats, you guys!) and if I haven't at least hit my 3 major standards, you guys will have to come up with punishments for me. Everyone will be allowed one. (Well, except for the one person who's voted no to my're disqualified!)

Just in case you've forgotten, my 3 super lofty goals (I'm telling you!) are:
- 1 serving of fruit a day
- 10,000 steps/day
- 80 oz of water/day

But, now that I've said this, you KNOW I'll try to do my very very best. Almost like that's the whole point!! :)


Joy said...

well, that's no good!

tsbjf said...

Dude, total bummer about the backwards diet!

MagenRanae said...

Just thought I should report that I did indeed do all I was supposed to today. It may be nearly midnight, but I got all 10,000 steps.