Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Last of the Tour

We're in the final stretch...
And, may I just say: I didn't realize how big our house was until I started posting all the pictures I've taken!!

This is going downstairs, obviously. We've already pulled off the wallpaper border in this room, and it will be painted by my mom at some point this summer or fall.

As you go down the stairs and take a left, this is the laundry room that I'm SOOO happy to have!! We used to have lug all of our laundry for a week or two up a hill and load it all into my tiny car and take it to either the laundry mat or my parents house to wash it. This is MUCH more efficient!

This is still the laundry room. It's pretty large, which is nice!

To the right of the stairs is my scrapbook room. It's not put together at all. In fact, I have a plan to rearrange several rooms in the house, so it won't get put together for a while yet. I'll post about the rearrangements in the future.

And more of my scrapbook room...

Off of the scrapbook room is this 1/2 bath. It's got hook ups for a corner shower unit that we plan on putting in eventually.

Straight ahead from the stairway is our family room.

It's pretty long, so we bought a bar table and chairs to go in that back half to function as a game room. I haven't taken a picture of the table and chairs yet, so you'll just have to take my word for it that they look nice! :)

Then on the right hand side of the living room, the door leads to Micah's office - which is kind of neglected because he works such long hours.

That's the rest of our house Hope you enjoyed this tour! As you can tell, it's still (and will probably always continue to be) a work in progress.


Laurel said...

It's lovely to have a finished basement, isn't it?!

Jenny said...

Wow, your house does have a lot of room! Wish we had a basement. I get kind of paranoid around storm season.

Joy said...

:) Can't wait to see your scraproom once it's finished!

tsbjf said...

That's a good size basement! Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your house!