Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Weigh-in

It's been a long time, and my weigh-ins aren't getting any better. In fact, they're getting worse.

A couple weeks ago, my dear friend Joy and I decided that we were going to email each other back and forth with the food we ate that day, and how many steps we got and so forth. It didn't last long. Not for lack of trying on her part, I promise. It's just that my other dear friend Rachel was getting married, and I had quite a few things to do for that...and then this whole school thing.

So, I'd end up e-mailing her with "I had Hardee's for breakfast, The Classic Bean for lunch, and whatever I could find for dinner. 5200 steps." It was a bit discouraging!

All that to say: I'm at 159.

I have done a bit better this week. I got all 80oz of water in yesterday, AND went on a walk with (yes, my dear friend) Shawna.

Give me another week and hopefully I'll be able to get back on track....

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Joy said...

I'm ready whenever you are!