Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm ready to BOYCOTT!!

I'm slowly but surly getting thank you cards for my graduation party sent out. I love sending out thank you cards because that means people get snail mail...and snail mail brings me a lot of joy!

But, as I'm writing these thank you cards, I've been looking through all the cards everyone gave me...

and, I've been thinking: I got 35 cards for my graduation, and not a single one of them is the same. That's pretty cool.

But, I'm also thinking: Hallmark made a KILLING!

And, of course, the accountant in me wanted to know just how big their killing was.

I totaled up the retail price of each of the cards (adding only $0.10 per card without a price, because that's the price I normally pay) and I came up with $66.97.

If you're someone that gave me one of these delightful cards, please please do not think I'm being ungrateful. I have truly enjoyed reading each and every one of the cards.

But, did you know that Micah and I have 36 family members that we try to send birthday cards to each year? (Those family members who read my blog know that TRY is the key word!) I've learned a VERY valuable lesson with these cards! Just look at how much we could save by not sending the expensive greeting cards. It's even more when you consider that the total above doesn't even include tax!

But don't despair, the alternatives are great! You could send 10 cent note cards. You can find these just about anywhere, and there's much more room to write the personal message - and I like those best!

Another option is to just write your greetings on a $5 bill. Better your friend or family have the $5 than Hallmark!!

Another option, for when a gift accompanies the card, is to skip the card altogether and use the $$ you would have spent to buy a better gift!

That's just what's rattling around in my head today.


tsbjf said...

Card companies are totally making a killing! I wonder how hard it is to start one?

Joy said...

:) Magen, you didn't mention making cards yourself!

Jenny said...

Strange. I like the card arrangement on the shelves. It looks cool.

Jenny said...

Ooh, I bet Jeremy likes those ideas. I could just see him making you send out notecards for peoples bdays.

Reagan said...

That is why I try to write my own little card (of course they're not as nice because I don't spend much time) Or I just give the gift and who it came from. I keep most of the cards I receive, but I am sure most people just toss them! Of course my mom keeps the cards I give her :) It's such a toss up when you think about buying a $20 gift and then realizing "oh wait I have to buy a card...and sometimes "tissue paper and a bag or giftwrap" Which is ALSO why i keep my bags and tissue to re-use!