Friday, February 22, 2013

Unexpected Museum

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Micah and I got away for an extended date in this post.  But, I never got around to posting any more pictures.  I only have a few.   We hadn't planned to stop at this museum, but, as Myrick says, we were on "an a-bent-your."  Micah was kind of bummed though, because once we got there, we discovered it was closed!  He got out anyway, and walked around the outside of the building.

Then the man who runs the museum saw him and told us to come on in.  They weren't officially open, but they were there getting some work done, so he gave us a tour, and then left us to browse.  It was a treat!
 Crazy James Lane

Like my political rant face? 

This was one of the many contraptions they had in the museum.  I don't know why I thought it was so cool, but I did.  It's not a cooler, it's a "warmer."  Whoever "they" were, would heat that stock pot thing over the fire, and the put it in the "warmer" to keep it heated.  Seems pretty simple, but pretty useful! :)

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