Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mall Play Date

My post yesterday reminded me of some other pictures I'd been forgetting to post!  Sometime in January we went to the mall with a girlfriend, her two kids, and two of my nephews.

We got there a bit early, so Myrick got to play on the carousel.  And, by "play" I mean, he just kept going from one vehicle to another "riding" it.  If anyone ever tells him these things move, I will be very upset! ;-)

Every so often while he was playing, a sample of the music would play, enticing people to come spend money.  And, Myrick, of course, thought he caused it by pushing buttons -- every.single.time.  "I did it, mommy!  I did it!!"

"Whilst"?  Really?

Lest you think all we did was "ride" the carousel for free:

We also "rode" the massage chairs too.  ;-)

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