Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I mentioned in my last pregnancy post that we call our babe Hoover. Here's "the rest of the story":

It all started when my brother and his wife were pregnant with my now 3 year old niece Hannah. Micah and I were bowling with my parents one Sunday night, and we got to talking about baby names. One of dad's only inputs to the conversation was that he wanted to make sure we didn't pick any "weird names like they're doing these days" for our boys. He wanted to make sure we picked "strong, normal names".

"Dad, what would you suggest?" I ask, thinking he'd be voting for Tom, since that's his name.

"I don't know, something like, Hoover!"

So, in honor of my dad, we decided to name our babe Hoover while in the womb. This allows us to be able to use pronouns without actually knowing the sex of our baby. And, it gives us something to call the Babe instead of "it" or "he/she" all the time.

So, there you have it!

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tsbjf said...

That is hilarious!!!!! In that, of all the names out there, that was the first that came to his mind for a strong masculine name. Classic.