Sunday, May 14, 2006

"This Afternoon"

Well, I never did get back when I said I would to update this on what I got done on the 8th. I guess I'll have to get used to not updating this daily. It's amazing...I'm usually so busy that I never get a chance to sit down and write on here. Which, is funny, considering the whole reason I have this blog is because I thought I wasn't being productive!!

So, here's the update!:

5.8.06 (Monday) I totally got Wonderwoman points! I'm so proud of myself. I got TONS of catching up done!! And I worked 1045 to 3pm.

5.9.06 I had all my classes and my lab this night. Afterwards I was so run into the groud that my hubby took me out to Applebee's for Spinach and Artichoke dip. He loves me. I have that I got 12 points this day...but sometimes I forgot, so I'm not sure how accurate that is. Oh, I also worked from 3pm to 5:30pm

5.10.06 My new nephew was born today. And, so was Joy's! We have twin nephews. Hehe...I only have 3 points marked for this day...But, I know I got more than that, cause it said I went to the bank, and to Panera. I also did a lot of shopping at Walgreens. Then we had shekel shack and I went out to finish my ASTR lab project in Topeka.

5.11.06 Today was my last ACCT lab...but technically, I turned my homework in for that and skipped it. (OH, which means I would have had to do my ACCT homework Wednesday too!) I had my REL final this day...I think it went well. We shall see. I think that's pretty much all I did this day...I was beat! Essay finals take a lot out of you!! No, wait! I worked 3pm-9:30 and got quite a bit done on my ASTR project that was due on the 12th.

5.12.06 Stop day for school! I finished my ASTR project and got it turned in by 1pm. Micah and I then took care of our internet problem, had qdoba, and then went to Topeka. He played poker, and we visited his sister who just had her baby.

5.13.06 Lots of driving...but no homework! I went to a mother's day breakfast in Frankfort then came back to Topeka, took a nap, then Micah and I left for Manhattan where we had dinner, and went to a dance recital (they also went to a graduation party). It was a nice day.

5.14.06 That's today! Happy Mother's Day! Today I went to breakfast with my mom, went to church (Where I got mistaken as a mom by 3 kids!), went go-karting with my dad, then came home for a ASTR review session, and now I'm at work. After I finish updating this, I think I will try to catch up on ASTR. First homework all weekend! School's almost done! YAY!

That's it for now! Goodnight.

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luaphacim said...

I'm happy that I have such a productive little wifey! :-)