Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm done!!

I'm so bad at this whole updating thing. But, the main thing that needs to be noted is that I'm done with school! Which means, I'm on to other worthwhile things that seem to be a whole lot more fun! I've got such high hopes for this summer!

Here's my many goals:
Finish bowling responsibilities
My Accounting class
Joy's notebooks
catch up on my daily letters
Ruth's collage
Organize Scrapping stuff
Organize/Print laptop pics
Rachel's Scrapbook
Magen's Scrapbook
Micah/Magen Scrapbook
Plan Parent's Anny. Party
Catch up on Devotions
Catch up on Exercise
Go through cook books
Try new recipes
Fix napkin holder
Organize under kitchen sink
Organize under bathroom sink
Organize bedroom closet
Organize coat closet
Organize bedroom bookshelf
Bleach bathroom tiles
Clean shower curtain
Hang shower fishies
Wall hangings
Write in Wedding Book
Deep clean floors/floor boards
Organize School books/papers
Ruth Bible Study/memorization
Reading list:
o Harry Potter Series
o Series of Unfortunate Events
o Narnia Books
o Mere Christianity
o Screwtape Letters
o My heart, My Life, My All
o The woman who pleases God

That's quite a bit for....less than 3 months. But, I'm superwoman, right?

As for this last week...there's not good reason to update you on daily things cause it was all mostly STUDY STUDY STUDY! for my 3 more exams I had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Then on Friday I cleaned house all day and prepared dinner for Matt and Shelsey and Chris and Carrie. They came over and we had dinner, played games, and watched a movie. Then Saturday I worked then hung out with dad until Mike got into town. Sunday we took hannah with us to church, and went out to lunch and visited Micah's sister's family. Today I hung out with Savvy all day and Micah got his grading done. Now I'm off to buy him some deodorant! Fun stuffy! Buhbye for now!

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Joyous said...

Whew, glad you got him that deo!!
Magen, I'm having trouble finding good pictures to use on your pages!! Let me know if you have any I can use! Love you, SUPERWOMAN!!