Monday, May 01, 2006

Still no homework

I think maybe I was productive today. I got 20 superwoman marks.

I ran a lot of errands (returned a movie, went to the bank, got my pills...) I also did a lot of cleaning including laundry. I balanced the checkbook and worked on our budget. I suppose today was wife day...but no homework.

I think God's trying to teach me lots. One thing I think he's trying to teach me is that I would be more productive with my time if I gave my time to him. It's kinda like your tithe. If you give Him your money (Which He gave to you!) you're recognizing that it's all from Him, and you're letting Him have control. Why shouldn't it be that way for all of your resources? Just a thought.

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luaphacim said...

good thinking, dearest! can I do a better job of helping both of us to commit our time to Him every day?