Monday, May 01, 2006

Is THAT productive?

Well, I don't feel like I've been productive for several days now. But, I suppose that the things I did do were worth while things. Maybe that's what God is trying to teach me...

Friday I did my accounting homework before I went to meet my group for our presentation. We worked a little more, then went to class. The presentation went fine, I suppose. But then, instead of being productive I went to lunch with my daddy! That was nice. Then I went back to class for a while. My husband and I walked home to get things ready for Topeka. We went to dinner with my parents and I worked on the bowling money for the end of the season prize fund. It was all ready by the time we left.

Saturday was another day of no homework. I worked at 7am until 3:15pm, and didn't get a lick of homework done. I even tried less than I normally do. Saturday night was worthwhile, too, though. My husband and I hung out for a while, then went to a bbq for our apartment complex. After that we went out and rented a couple of movies. We just finished watching one of them when mom called. So we went out to dinner with my parents again saturday night, then watched a second movie with them.

Sunday I was forced to get some homework done. We went to church, and then I came home and worked on my ECON homework that was due online that night. Then I had lunch and played a game with my family. Then we were at the bowling alley all night.

Lots of family time this weekend. But, I did also get some homework done, and completely finished my duties as secretary. So, that was nice. In short: I guess all that stuff was productive in its own way.

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