Monday, May 08, 2006

Sickly ol' me

I think maybe I've been productive since the last time I posted. I've been sick and so it's hard to tell. I always lower my standards when I'm sick so that I can rest and recover. That's probably a good thing, right? Right!

Let's's been a week!
Tuesday 5/2 I would have had class from 9:30 until 2:15. That makes for a long day. I also had ASTR Lab that night. So, during the break I'm sure I worked on that, and then took a nap.
Wednesday 5/3 I had class in the morning, then it was somewhat of a catch up day. I did a lot of cleaning! I got 14 super woman points...not bad for being sick. I also studied for an accounting quiz and did accounting homework. As well as having AWANA and getting a sunset point.
Thursday 5/4 would have been class again all day. I got 15 super woman points. I also worked from 6:30pm-9:30pm.

Side note: Super woman points: My goal is 30 a day. I get them for crossing stuff off my to do list. They become wonder woman points when I've reached my goal of 30 in a day!

Friday 5/5 Friday was spent studying for my Religion Exam I had that afternoon. There was A LOT of reading and flash card making left to do before the test. I also had my last accounting lab. That night Micah and I cleaned the house all up. One of his class mates was coming over to work on a take home test they've got to get done. We invited her fiance over for dinner too, but he couldn't come. But, that's ok, cause my husband's wonderful. Not only did they get a lot of their studying done, I also got a clean house, dinner made by my wonderful husband, AND got to hang out with him when he was done studying. It was a good day.
Saturday 5/6 Micah and I slept in! Then I went to work at 11am and he went with Matt to a graduation. The rest of the day Micah and I hung out with my parents, had dinner, played games and watched a movie. No homework, but it was wonderful!
Sunday 5/7 I was forced to get homework done!! Had Econ homework that was done that night. I went to church in the morning to run the soundsystem, but wasn't needed. So I got a lot of verses memorized. Then we went out to lunch with a friends after church. After that I did lots of ECON work until dinner with the fam. Then more homework and then the bowling tournament Allen and Justin were in. Very much fun!

That's all the catchin' up I have! Today's stuff later this afternoon!!

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luaphacim said...

I sure love you, lady! :-)

I'm so thankful for my productive little wifey.