Friday, June 07, 2013

Desperate Chapter 8

On Escaping

This chapter addressed the addictions moms tend to have -- things they use to escape they're reality with kiddos, house work, etc.  Things like the internet, television, drugs (Dr. Pepper?), or even vain imaginations of how things could be. 

Kind of depressing, actually!  But, as always, there were a few really encouraging nuggets, including:

- Sally's call to, "Learn to put your finger on your deep felt need and then write down how this need can be met in healthy ways."

- Sarah Mae's realization that, "I don't want to escape; I want to trust Jesus with the life He has given me."

- Sally's reminder of truth that, "feelings do not equate worth."

There was also a section that I marked for future reference, even though it's not a particular need of mine right now, that a woman must take care of her own heath.  "If we are feeling lonely, then we need to figure out ways to find like minded friends...if we are weary, we need to build rest into our schedule..." etc.  A good reminder, for sure.

Sally also admonished us to not judge other women who are struggling.  She gave a great alalogy about how we do not fault a person for goingv to the hopital with they're ill.  "It It is sad that many Christian moms are so focued on their rules and standards that they forget that Jesus looked out on the multitudes and felt compassion because they were like a sheep without a shepherd."

That last one was VERY convicting.  I tend to be so judgemental, and am feeling the need to appologize to a few of my friends because of it.  Bummer.  :-/

But, is God not good?  I'm so thankful for the picture of redemption and forgiveness we have in Jesus.