Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 things I like about my hubby

I read a post over at Mama M's Place that inspired me to list out 10 (of the MANY things) I like about my hubby. So, here goes:

1) He plays games with me - even ones he hates!

2) He is always impressed with everything I get done in a day, even if all I did was get dressed and "grow his baby."

3) He is a peace maker, considering unity to be worth the effort.

4) He continually seeks out ways to cultivate the fruits of the Spirit in his life.

5) He makes a priority to cuddle me in the mornings before he leaves for work, even when he's running late (which is usually my fault!).

6) He's always seeking to learn new things about everything!

7) He has such a love for his family and especially his siblings and nieces and nephews. (The picture is of him and my niece Hannah. She made him that birthday cake - and sampled the frosting too! ;-) I love that he always makes a point to know each one of the kiddos as individual people, not just another member of the herd.)

8) He enjoys making up new concoctions to feed to me - even if I am super picky! He considers that part of the challenge.

9) His "take charge" attitude when he realizes that something has got to get done, or that I'm feeling overwhelmed.

10) His commitment to all things, in the proper order, whether it be God, me, his family, church, work.

That was a fun exercise. I love that man!


Jessie said...

fun idea! we like your husband too :)

tsbjf said...

Loved the "grow his baby" part! I'm glad that you and Micah are such a good pair! Of course, God knows what He's doing :) . You guys are going to be great parents!

Joy said...

:) #2 is great!