Monday, December 21, 2009

Link Love

Remember my last link love post? Where I had spent quite a while reading a whole year's worth of posts on this blog?

Well, I've done it again. Only this time, it was another friend's blog I'd been neglecting so badly.

Some of the highlights:
- Her daughter dancing around the living room.
- Her daughter singing her ABC's and Jesus Loves Me.
- Her PARKING LOT delivery! If this is the only one you read, it's definitely worth it!!
- A story about a pelican.
- A horrible poop story for all you moms out there.

It was definitely a delight to be able to catch up on so many of her posts! Hopefully I'll keep on top of them now!


Mrs. M said...

Too cute! Such smileworthy pics too!

tsbjf said...

Thanks for the post! And I'm totally catching up on my blog reading right now if you couldn't tell! I haven't been regular for some time now; the Christmas season just blows everything out of order with the traveling and such.