Friday, January 11, 2008


So, yesterday I totally forgot about my weigh-in until I was about half way through a FOUR MILE walk with my dad IN THE SNOW. :) I don't mean to complain though, cause, I got 9600 steps in an hour and 15 minutes!

But, my point was: I forgot to weigh in.

Have no fear, I remembered today. But, I so wish I hadn't.

I'm back up to 158 again, which is a little frustrating because, thanks to Motivated Moms, I've ben able to do my fruit, steps, and water every day!

That basically only leaves the rest of my eating habits. Which, have not been good.

This is kind of embarrassing for me! I started doing part of my blog so I could BRAG about my weight loss. (Hehe...not hang my head in shame as I confess!)

But, today is a new day. How are New Year's Resolutions going for you all?


Reagan said...

That stinks! Did you not post yesterday because of your 2 posts in one day rule? A 4 mile

MagenRanae said...

No, I didn't post yesterday because after the walk, I stayed at my parents house playing games with my dad (he's on a 5 week winter vacation from work) and eating dinner with my family. Some things are just more important, ya know? :)

tsbjf said...

The weight loss will come--good job on all the walking! It's cool that you have your dad to walk with now; accountability partner.