Thursday, January 10, 2008

Best CVS trip EVAR!

So, this week at CVS was AMAZING!!

What I got:

2 packages of bottled water

2 packages of rubbermaid takealongs

200 paper plates

320 baby wipes

5 bottles of dish soap

2 packages of keebler cookies

3 Johnson's Buddies Bath Bars

3 tubes of toothpaste

5 toothbrushes

1 hair spray

16 Soy Joy bars

2 boxes of Bayer

1 box of Excedrine

1 box of Zantac

10 candy bars

Wanna see?

If you were to buy these things at CVS (which is normally more expensive than a grocery store) you'd spend over $90 before tax.

BUT - I spent 18 ECBs, $3.23 on my gift card, and $11.91 in cash.

I also received 43 ECBs for an increase of $25 dollars AND I will get a $5.00 gift certificate in the mail. SO: I made a PROFIT of $14.85 AND got all this great stuff.

The Lord is good, ya'll.


Reagan said...

Good for you!

dave & rachel said...

yay! good job!

tsbjf said...

That is a lot of stuff! And what is an "ECB"?

MagenRanae said...

ECB stands for "Extra Care Buck." It's CVS's customer reward system. Extra Care Bucks are the same as a gift card, store credit, except the expire in about a month.

Mom said...

What a beautiful green wall in the background!

meesh said...

Way to go, Magen! You are making me want a CVS in Hutch! =)