Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Childhood Memories

So, the last few days, my mom has been over painting my kitchen green. It is looking sooo great! Right now, two of the walls are green, and the rest are still the red. It's Christmas time all over again.

While we were chatting, I asked her how she learned to paint (cause, I stink at it!) and we got to talking about how she never really did paint much in our old house. (We moved when I started High school.)

I said something like, "But Justin's room (my brother) was blue!"

Mom has assured me that it definitely was not blue. But, it's been bothering me for DAYS now.

I mean, it's not a HUGE part of my childhood. But, if I don't remember something as simple as paint color, how do I know whether my other child hood memories are correct?!

So, last night while mom was over, I was STILL pondering this. And, basically, BEGGING her to remember that it was no avail.

So, I called my brother.

Me: Justin, what color was your bedroom when we were growing up?

Justin: I remember it getting painted blue once.

Me: See mom?! I didn't even lead him and he said blue!

Mom: it wasn't blue unless your father painted it.


( was quite the conversation! Mom and I at my house, Justin and Dad at my parents house. Justin and dad weren't even in the same room!)

Dad: How am I supposed to know?! (He worked road construction and was gone a lot.)

So, basically absolutely nothing was solved. My brother and I are convinced it was blue, and mom's convinced it wasn't ever painted anything but white.

Do you have stories like that? Things you are CONVINCED were a certain way when you were a child but that your parents assure you were not actually so? It's a bit disconcerting to me!


Reagan said...

My siblings and I were convinced that the blizzards in WV produced 4' daily. Well my sister asked my dad because my brother in law wasn't having it and dad said "well they were about 18" with 4' snow drifts" about a let down. After I think about it, it makes sense that when I was about 4' tall, the snow was up to my thighs instead of over my head. It is sad though realizing these things.

tsbjf said...

That is very frustrating how it is not unaimous, but since it is two to one I'd say you guys are right. This has got me thinking about if I have any contradictory memories.

Joy said...

He he he, Jason has a bad memory, so I spend a lot of time trying to convince him that something happened or was said...and he KNOWS he has a bad memory and still argues. :)

Mom said...

If you remember blue.....then it was blue.