Monday, November 16, 2009

I just recently made my first purchase on It's a shopping site where you're able to look for and buy household items you use every day, and they'll ship them to you for free. I made the order on a Wednesday evening and received it on Monday. I bet it'd be even faster than that, if I hadn't ordered mid-week.

I should mention that there is an order restriction: your first order you've only got to buy one item but in subsequent orders, 6 items is required. Though, I think once you start playing around with it, you'll have no problem finding 6 items to choose!

One of my favorite parts (keeping in mind that I've only made one order so far!) are the coupons they have to correspond with the products. If you choose to purchase a product, they go ahead and apply any coupons that are available, so you don't have to clip and worry about your coupons expiring.

What I got in my first order:
Qty Item Price Coupon Total
1 Baby Diapers
$6.78 $1.00 $5.78
1 Baby Diapers
$6.78 $1.00 $5.78
1 Dish Liquid
Joy Dishwashing Liquid/Antibacterial Hand Soap
$1.15 $0.30 $0.85
1 Disposable Razors
Bic Shavers
$2.96 $2.00 $0.96
1 Facial Tissue
Kleenex Tissue
$0.98 $0.15 $0.83
1 Facial Tissue
Puffs Facial Tissue
$1.05 $0.10 $0.95
1 Shaving Cream
Old Spice Moisturizing Shave Cream
$1.61 $0.50 $1.11
1 Toilet Paper
Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue
$4.07 $0.50 $3.57

This is just a slightly different break down of the cost:
  • Subtotal $25.38
  • Coupons - $5.55
  • Other Discounts $0.00
  • Tax $1.58
  • Shipping Always Free
  • Total $21.41
Not too bad for 92 diapers (size 1 and 2) and a few other things we were needing.

Oh, and an account is completely free. So, feel free to sign up here and look around, even if you're not sure you'd like to buy.

Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

I ordered from there a few weeks ago! My mom (Alice) loves the packaging ("Everyone needs an Alice.")

Reagan said...

3.57 for toilet paper? that's awesome good for 12 rolls. i've been meaning to check it out...

Joy said...

Very interesting, I'll have to look at it!

Jessie said...

I just my second order yesterday and I got Angel soft toilet paper too! :)
I like how I can still use a coupon and not clip them-I have not gotten back into the swing of things since Gid was born.

MagenRanae said...

Jessie - I've toyed with the idea of this taking the place of couponing! I've not been working now for 2.5 months, and I'm still not really finding time to keep up with cutting/sorting coupons, let alone doing the shopping!

lanes said...

Wow, that's really cool! And I hear diapers are expensive, so good job!