Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meal Plan and Cooking Day

I was so inspired by Money Saving Mom's Baking Day Posts last week, that I decided it's time for me to get back into meal planning, and hopefully stock up my freezer for days that I'm not feeling up to cooking.

So today in between my hanging out time with one of my sister-in-laws, that's just what I did! This morning I cooked some chick peas that I'd soaked last night, and made these cookies. Then just a little bit ago I started some pinto beans soaking, put some brown rice in the oven to bake, and cooked up some chicken for meals this week.

I even have a menu plan:

Micah's Lunch - Leftover potato soup
Dinner - Grandma cooks
Micah's Lunch - Leftover crab linguine
Dinner - Skillet chicken & dumplings
Micah's Lunch - Leftover Skillet chicken & dumplings
Dinner - Micah's hamburger and chick pea concoction
Micah's Lunch - Leftover Micah's hamburger and chick pea concoction
Dinner - Friend's house?
Micah's Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Chicken Alfredo
Lunch - Leftover Spaghetti stuff
Dinner - Chili Frito Pies

We probably won't end up eating all of these things, we're kind of bad about eating out, and I'm never a good judge of how far leftovers will stretch. But, I still have makings for "Breakfast for Dinner" and also tacos. It's kind of an odd week as far as meals go because all said it only required 3 things from the grocery store! I'm trying to use our pantry (instead of organizing it - cause I'm lazy) so that I can re-stock it with ingredients, not crud.

I had a few pictures of the chick peas and cookies and such, but they were boring, and I haven't figured out how to upload from my new camera yet, so maybe next time!


tsbjf said...

Yay for meal planning! And I always like to look at pictures :) .

Joy said...

What I'm really bad at is meal planning...usually the conversation goes like this...
Joy: what do you want for supper?
Jason: what do we have?
(both looking in fridge and freezer)
Joy: um...how about....blank?
:) nice, huh?