Tuesday, November 11, 2008

House Projects, revisited

A little over a year ago, I posted this list about the things I wanted to do around our house. First off, can you BELIEVE it's been a year (and a third!) since we moved into our house? Craziness!

Of the list I posted, the things we have finished are:
Buying a new couch and love seat set for our front room
Replacing the kitchen floor
Painting the kitchen

But, the list of things I never got to is even larger!!:
Buying end tables/coffee table for the living room
Buying end tables/coffee table for the family room
Getting electrical work done (like updating outlets, and adding a few outlets and fixtures)
Buying a new kitchen table
Painting the livingroom
Painting my scrapbook room
Painting the stairway

What have I learned from this?

To be content. There are some things, like the end tables and stairway that I really wish would have been done a long time ago.

But just think how excited I will be once they get finished - how sweet long-awaited gifts are!

Also, now that I've had a year to think on it, there are some things that I've realized aren't really that important. For instance, I don't really need a coffee table in either of our living areas. In the upstairs one, we have a huge ottoman, and I have a piece of furniture that would work perfectly for a coffee table downstairs.

Also, I'm not really in a hurry to paint my scrapbook room or the livingroom - maybe the eggshell color is beginning to grow on me!! (Which, those of you who know me personally will agree, is a blessing all in itself - since I could use a bit of color! ;-))

All this to say: I have a new list but I definitely won't be disappointed if the progress is slow in coming.

What things are you gals working on lately?


Mrs. M said...

It sounds like your doing a great job with your home! New floors make such an impact.

Our project is scheming when/where to buy a house....

tsbjf said...

Hey, you got some stuff done! (versus not) It seemed like the kitchen took some time & effort, so at least that's out of the way, and I'm sure you've been enjoying that completed project.

tsbjf said...

Which reminds me, did you ever post a picture of the kitchen after you got it done? I don't remember seeing one, but then again my memory isn't at its best right now.

JadeMerie said...

I love your blog! You have been awarded.

Jessie said...

Oh owning a home means you have projects going until you move :) Joe says all of our money goes in to the house-and I say it only increases the value dear:)
We are hopefully going to knock down the wall in between the living room and dining room-and the paint two rooms and paint the stairwell to the basement :) and then..... seriously it is such a good thing to learn to be content and thankful for the blessing the Lord has given us.