Friday, December 05, 2008

I found a link on my husband's blog recently that took me to Dale's blog (which, I've never actually read yet, sorry!) that took me to this link, which I really enjoy!

Go check it out, and that'll explain that first sentence. :) Also, I cannot promise the absence of off-color content, though I've not seen any.


Dale said...

I'm surprised you found that link! It is a pretty neat site though-- I only came across it a few weeks back myself.

I admit I've read your blog before-- it's one of many on my Google Reader. There. I'm no longer a lurker.

tsbjf said...

This reminded me of which I found through Tulip in the Thicket, which is Laurie's blog, who is Olivia's mom.

Dale said...

Funny you say that, Joanne. That's the place that I found out about onesentence.