Sunday, November 02, 2008

Are you needing a pick me up?

I was sick last Sunday and missed my grandpa's 80th birthday party. I had been looking forward to getting to see all of my mother's family. But instead, I spent the whole day in bed alternating between reading and sleeping - and that was nice too.

One of the thing I really enjoyed doing was getting caught up on reading some blogs I had gotten behind on.

There was Laurel and her honest plea for prayer as she learned to be still, followed by a post about a discovery that blessed her heart.

There was Rachel and her sweet posts about her 2.5 year old, and her teaching (Rachel, I know you probably wouldn't call that post "teaching" - but for someone who couldn't make it to church, it really met a need) on the mundane moments in life.

And, if you're needing to gain a perspective on where you are in life right now, I suggest you head on over to Mama M's Place. This dear mother of 6 seems to look at every busy day, every crazy "uh-oh" as just another blessing of motherhood.

Thanks ladies, for making a sick day not so bad after all.


Rachel said...

awww, I'm so glad, Magen. No, I wasn't "teaching" (haha!) - just writing about stuff the Lord is teaching ME. :) Glad it met your need. I hope you're feeling better soon, girl!

Laurel said...

Thank you, dear Magen. I feel honored that the Lord used me as a little part of the blessing that he had for you. All glory to Him!

Mrs. M said...

Aw Magen....

I read your blog to give me perspective!

Thanks for the blessings.
Sorry you've been feeling icky.

tsbjf said...

Thanks for all the links! Are you feeling better now?