Friday, November 09, 2007

I refuse to use the D word

What I am about to embark on is NOT a d*et; it's a PLAN.

Yes, my goal is to lose weight, but more importantly, it's to set up a pattern that will work for my life. I have a few rules that I'm going to try to implement:

1. 10,000 steps a day - I actually need to get 19,000 of steps a day to catch up with my new year's resolution of 10k a day. I also heard that 12-15k is needed for active weight loss, so 10k will be more continued goal (Cause, I don't want to lose weight FOREVER), but until the end of the year I will be getting 20,000. Wish me luck. This may sound easy to some of you who have never worn a pedometer before. But, alas, it is NOT!

2. Eating Every 2 hours, and not after 7pm - My "personal weight trainer" (really it's just Shawna, but she's the one that's lost bukoos of weight and got my motivated on this) suggested these two guidelines, and said that about 200 calories every two hours is a good snack portion. I'm going to try to stay with this, but I'm not going to stess over it...cause, if I did, wouldn't that qualify as the D word?

(And, I must confess, JUST THIS WEEK, my honey and I took advantage of half-price Spin Dip at a local bar...which is only half price AFTER 10pm! Isn't that awful? But, Spin Dip is my weakness. It might possibly be my downfall...)

3. A piece of fruit a day - Isn't it AWFUL that I have to put this on my list? People are supposed to get like 2-4 servings of fruit a day...but, sadly, I don't even get one. I can go WEEKS without having fruit. Seriously. It's pathetic. So, I'm not going to jump right in and say I have to get the 3 servings...I'm just going to start with one. But, my thought is, the more I eat fruit, I'll probably realize I like it! So, this isn't a's a minimum. (On a side note: for all those couponers out there, what's a good price for fruit? Right now I've only been buying bananas cause you can get them for .19 a pound at Dillons when they're discounted. And, just last night I got 6 pounds of apples for 2.98. That's 50 cents a pound, which I thought was pretty good, but they are kind of you think that's because they were older, or is it just a cheaper brand?)

4. 80 oz of water a day - I've also heard that in order to actively lose weight, you need to be consuming half your weight in ounces. Some of you may be doing the calculations in your head and thinking, "wait! Is she really telling us that she weighs 160lbs?! Girls aren't supposed to tell their weight!" In response to your musings, 1) yes, I AM telling you my weight. Actually, to be exact it is 158 pounds.

Which brings me to 5:

5. Post weight every friday morning - EEK! This is the real killer! This is what's going to keep me motivated... but the only way I'm going to stay motivated is if I get comments from you guys telling me you're still around, you read my current weight, and you're going to harrass me if it actually goes UP!

And, to reinterate: this is NOT the D word. This is my plan. And, since my goal is to pick something that will work for life, my intention will not always be to lose weight. I've consulted a few web sites, and averaged out their responses to come to the conclusion that my weight goal should be 115. BUT, since this is my PLAN (have you caught on yet?! :)) if I at some point plateau on this then I'll do one of two things:

I'll either decided that that's the weight for me,

or I'll add something to my life to get my closer to the ideal.

So, with that said, look back next Friday...I'll post my progress.


Laurel said...

That sounds like a great plan! I need to develop a plan myself. It's scary that almost 40 pounds of baby weight has come off and I'm still in need of losing .... lots.

Thanks for the motivation!

shawna said...

ahem...I have NOT lost bukoos! I am not even half way yet. But I must say I am honored to be your "weight loss trainer" I feel so important. :)

I just wanted to say though that your plan...not ****, sounds great. I know once you start losing some it will get you all the more excited about it.

You can do it! I am here for you every step (well not all 10k of them, but you know what I mean!) of the way.

dave & rachel said...

I love it! Way to go. I think it's important to have a plan. We don't tend towards healthy eating and exercise without one, I don't think. At least, I don't anyway.

I am impressed that you are going to post your weight. That awesome! I admit it; I'm very intrigued. I've seen other people do it, and I'm sure it is somewhat motivating to know people are watching!

MagenRanae said...

Thanks for your encouragement, ladies! Laurel, if you really want motivation, you could do it with me! :-)

Joy said...

I need to do something too, Magen. I love you, you can do it!

tsbjf said...

Yay! A plan! So do you not like fruit so much? Because I remember you saying before on a previous post that you needed to try and eat fruit more. Mushy apples are not so good. We eat Gala apples a lot, those are probably our favorite right now.

That sounds like a lot of steps! Go Magen!!!