Friday, November 16, 2007

I have GOT to get more serious!

OK! It's the moment of truth! It's been a week since I started my plan, and it's time once again to post my weight.

Sadly, it's still 158. So, naturally, I've been analyzing.

I'm not serious enough about this goal.

Here's how I did on my goals this week:

1. 10,000 steps a day - I did reach this goal...however, in my first post, I had mentioned that my new year's resolution was also 10k, but in order to meet that goal, I was going to have to get 20k. The 20,000 steps has yet to happen. BUT, I now have a more defined plan in this area!!

I figured out that I normally walk about 133 steps per minute if I'm just walking. I also figured out, that in order to get 20,000 steps in 16 hours (leaving 8 hours for sleep), that would only be 1200 steps an hour. I'm not a rocket scientist or anything, but, shouldn't 1200 steps only take me 9 minutes? And, don't you think I probably at least get SOME steps when I'm not strictly walking? (Like, when I'm putting away laundry and dishes?)

SO, you're probably thinking: GET TO THE POINT. And here, it is: 10 minutes until the top of each hour, I'm going to stop whatever I'm doing (whenever possible - I'm obviously not going to walk out on my teachers!!) and get the rest of the steps I need to complete the 1200. Should be easy enough! I'm sure I'll keep you posted. :)

2. Eating every 2 hours and not after 7pm - I'm doing really good about the two hour thing! (You ALWAYS have to look at the plus side of things first!) And, most of the time I've even done the 7pm thing. I cheated a couple of times, cause, honestly: my hubby doesn't get home until 7pm or later some nights...and it's not HIS fault I need to lose weight. So, I wait and eat with him.

OK, that was the plus side; this is the negative: I am cheating WAY too much on WHAT I eat. And, what's worse, I'm justifying it by saying, "this isn't a diet, it's a plan, so I'm allowed to cheat." But, guess what? If you cheat too much on your plans, YOU WON'T MEET GOALS!! What's my goal? To be under 158! So, I'm going to try to cheat waaaay less this week. Do you think I should give myself 3 cheat cards or something to use throughout the week? Is 3 too many? What would you do?

3. A piece of fruit a day - I only did this ONE time. Shameful, isn't it?! BUT, have no fear: I actually HAVE fruit in my kitchen right now. That's a BIG improvement over where I was 7 days ago. And, as I predicted - I really did like the one piece of fruit I did eat (which was yesterday) so I'm sure I'll want another one today!

4. 80 oz of water a day - I'm pretty sure I only did this one time as well. (Are you beginning to see why I'm still at 158?)

Just like the steps, however, I have a plan! I will need to get 7 oz of water an hour to meet my goal. So, when I take breaks in my day to catch up on steps, I'm also going to finish my 7 oz for that hour. :) That way I'm not sitting here at 11:30 trying to chung my last 10 oz before bed like I was last night!

5. Post my weight every Friday. YAY! Something I did perfectly the WHOLE WEEK! Look at me go!! I'm like the plan QUEEN! :-D

There are other postivite things about this situation:

1. I can take a before picture and it'll still be very accurate.

2. When I do get down to my desired weight, I'll know that this level of activity should be able to maintain my weight. :)

Have a great Friday everyone. Thanks for listening, eh, reading to my horribly long post...I promise the next one won't be nearly as long.

So, It's 7:50, and I have steps to get and water to consume!


dave & rachel said...

Keep going, girl!

MagenRanae said...

Ok, so I was obviously using my accounting brain when I did my math for this post! In realilty, I need 1250 steps per hour, and 5 oz of water. :)

Laurel said...

Yay Magen! I'm so proud of you. And I'm thankful you're being faithful to post on Friday about your progress because I get a weekly reminder that I need to formulate a plan for myself!

tsbjf said...

You are like a super planner, it's incredible! Keep up the good work.

Joy said...

:) Good job Magen, I'm not doing so good on my plans either..blah. Keep it up and I'll try to do better too.