Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just a brief update for myself...

Thursday, October 26th:
School from 8am-2:15pm then studying.
18 super woman points.

Friday October 27th:
School from 9am-1:45pm. No studying today...but spent time with the folks.
3 super woman points.

Saturday October 28th:
Good, productive day.
23 super woman points.

Sunday, October 29th:
No homework today, but it was still worth while.
Church, baby shower for my sister-in-law, then bowling with the fam.
In other news, Micah had a very productive day!

Monday, October 30th:
Spent the day in Topeka, studying and for bible study.
8 super woman points.

Tuesday, October 31st:
School literally ALL DAY! 8am-5pm.
Grocery shopping, then working around the house until 8pm.
But then I had a date with my hubby.
I bought 4 big bags of candy, and we had 11 trick-or-treaters!! :)
12 of the hardest super woman points EVAR!

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Anonymous said...

SO...how do I get points?