Wednesday, October 18, 2006

22 points today.

I've been on campus all day's been nice, but now I'm TIRED!
I kinda tried to just tackle two topics today...but, it hasn't turned out all that great because I've got a test in one of them tomorrow, and I don't feel as well prepared for it as I probably should. I should do fine...he gives us like all the freakin' equations and, I flew through the review packet.

I've gotten to talk to Joy the last couple of days while I've been studying. That's been nice. We're going to try to meet up on-line and scrap "together" tomorrow afternoon. My scrapping will probably be more organizing...but I'm sooo close! I can TASTE it! :)

Tomorrow we have a dinner date with Joe and Jessie. Red Lobster here we come. I like those guys a lot.


Joyous said...

YAY-scrap date with Joy!! (could there be anything more fun?!)

tsbjf said...

How old is Joseph & Jessie's kid now?