Thursday, July 06, 2006

An update on my goals. I've decided to take the things off that I finished, so that I can see it getting shorter. Hmm.
Here's my many goals:
Finish bowling responsibilities - 2 patches to mail. ~~>tomorrow, I promise.
Joy's notebooks - I'll get them done, Joy, sometime :(
catch up on my daily letters - I've done less good on this...but it's my goal for work tomorrow
Ruth's collage
Organize Scrapping stuff - mostly done, a few more things to figure out dates on and need to put Micah and I's stuff in date order
Organize/Print laptop pics
Rachel's Scrapbook - got several pages done!
Magen's Scrapbook
Micah/Magen Scrapbook
Plan Parent's Anny. Party - they just want to do Boss Hawgs at the house
Catch up on Devotions - I'm doing really well on this every day
Catch up on Exercise - wishful thinking :(
Filing - needs done again!!
Fix napkin holder - Micah started this for me. One more piece to put on
Organize under kitchen sink
Organize under bathroom sink - think I found a shelving unit i want for this
Organize bedroom closet
Organize bedroom bookshelf
Bleach bathroom tiles - hehe...bought the pen for it
Clean shower curtain - bought the eraser for it.
Write in Wedding Book
Deep clean floors/floor boards
Organize School books/papers
Ruth Bible Study/memorization - going strong!
Reading list:
o Harry Potter Series - on book 3!
o Series of Unfortunate Events - on book 3!
o Narnia Books - on book - on book 5!
o Mere Christianity
o Screwtape Letters
o My heart, My Life, My All
o The woman who pleases God

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