Thursday, July 06, 2006

I've done good the last few days!

Since school's been out, I've felt like Wonder Woman even if I haven't achieved that status.

Friday the 30th
- took my test
-walked home
- had lunch with Savannah
- learned Cribbage
- went to mom and dad's
- took computer stuff to Merrilyn
- took picture to Carey

Saturday the 1st
- slept in
- worked all night (2-9:30)
- organized ALL my pictures!!
-drove back to Topeka

Sunday the 2nd
- went to church
- lunch with Matt and Shelsey
- Worked (4:15-9:30)
- worked on some Bible Study stuff

Monday the 3rd
- slept in
- went through pantry
- made list of meal options (one of which Micah is making for me as I type!)
- grocery shopping
- packed
- went to Topeka
- went to Emporia for party

Tuesday the 4th
- slept in again :)
- scrapped
- played games with parents
- worked (4:30-9:30)

Wednesday the 5th
- slept in
- took Micah to school
- went to Hobby Lobby
- stood Mel up for lunch :(
- very productive bible study with Ruth
- went to Hobby Lobby in Topeka
- went to Scrapbook Store
- scrapped like a mad woman

Thursday the 6th
That's today!!
- worked (7-3:00)
While I was at work I did:
- balanced checkbook
- addressed letters
- cut coupons
- made grocery list
Then after work I:
- picked Micah up
- returned library book
- mailed letters
- walked with Micah
- got cheese cake
- went to farmer's market
- went Grocery shopping (hyvee and dillons)
- returned and got a new movie
- and now writing in my blog!

The things I feel good about accomplishing are bolded!

I think I'm doing good. There's always things on my list, but busy hands are better than idle ones, right? right!

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