Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weeks 33 - 35 of my Pregnancy with "Hoover"

Week 33 started on Jan 15th, 2010 and was our second week of class which included signs of labor, coping with pain, breathing, transition. Micah's arsenal of "great stories" has been added to greatly from just this one night of class!

The pictures are from Week 34 which started on Jan 22nd. Nothing too exciting, just our 3rd week of birth class including the second stage of labor, and pushing.

Week 35 was a bit more exciting. It started on Jan 29th, and included Ground Hog Day. I had a women's meeting at the church the night of Ground Hog Day, and Micah had an elders meeting. I was feeling particularly motivated so I decided to make everyone treats to celebrate the holiday -- Cupcakes decorated as ground hogs!

I wish I had remembered to get "after" pictures!

You might be thinking you don't really want to see an "after" picture of snacks I brought. But, don't worry, I'm not talking partially digested ground hogs.

I was taking the cupcakes inside, and I tripped on the sidewalk and slammed my huge belly on the ground, and the cupcakes went flying!

The cupcakes looked like road kill! :) They were kind of fun to eat, though.

This was my second fall with baby "Hoover" and I did a lot of resting up and monitoring of symptoms the next few days.


tsbjf said...

Oh no! That must have been scary to fall while being that far along!

Road kill gopher cupcakes. Definitely a first there!

tsbjf said...

LOL, I meant ground hogs! 'G' on the brain, only not the right animal.

Joyous said... would think you might have had that baby before getting pregnant with the next one!! :)