Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Our church had an Elder's Retreat
a few months back where all the elders and their wives went out of town for a day to talk about the direction our church will be heading over the next year or so.

We had the pleasure of visiting Cinzetti's Italian Market Restaurant. As the name probably sugguests, Cinzetti's is an Italian buffet set up to look like an open air market. It's pretty fun!

It was about $15/person, and I believe they even allow kids 12 and under to eat free on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

I would definitely suggest it, if you're ever near one sometime! We had a great time (as you could tell from the picture!) and the food was fabulous!

I should go make some dinner now...writing this post made me hungry!

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tsbjf said...

"The choice is yours" That just struck me on their page, so I put it here for some reason....looks like a really cool place to eat!!