Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Not getting my CPA

A weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I'm telling you!

So, I went to my graduation check a couple of weeks ago and found out that I will indeed be graduating in May! But, instead of being 3 hours away from meeting the requirements to sit for the CPA exam like I thought, I am 9 hours away!

No big deal, right? Just take the extra 6 hours and be done with it.

But, it is a big deal to me! I am SOOO burned out.

I came home almost in tears over this. I've put 5 years of work towards this CPA exam, and now I'll have to do ANOTHER semester? I don't think I can handle that.

I was chatting with whining to a wise friend of mine and the conversation went something like this:

Wise Woman: Why are you getting your CPA again?

Me: So that if something happens to Micah I won't have to sell my soul to
McDonald's just to feed my family.

Wise Woman: Think of it: you have 4
kids and you lose your husband and their father, so you think it will be good to
go back to work? They will need you to be there.

Me: Yeah, but what
option do I have?

Wise Woman: my vote is a bigger insurance policy.

So, after some talking and praying with Micah: it's decided. We can easily buy enough insurance on Micah so that I could pay off our house and raise 3 children without me ever going back to work. AND, what's more: we can pay for 10 years of that insurance just with the money I would have spent studying for and taking the CPA exam!

Isn't the Lord good?

I have been discouraged with school for some time now, and suddenly: I'm DONE in May. No 6 months of studying, no 4 extremely trying tests. I'm DONE.


Reagan said...

That is awesome Magen! I know the feeling! There are things that I could do to better my degree, but I just don't want to and no matter what happens, the Lord will provide!

marshwiggle said...


JadeMerie said...

So what does that mean for the first future M&M?

Laurel said...

Praise the Lord for Wise Women! :-)

tsbjf said...

Sounds good! So when you graduate in May, what degree are you going to have?

MagenRanae said...

That is the question, isn't it, Jade? :) Do I know you from somewhere?

Also, tsbjf, I will have a degree in Accounting. I just won't be a Certified Public Accountant.

marshwiggle said...

so you will be an accountant, not just one bound for the asylum.. Better for your hubby, I think.

JadeMerie said...

I do believe we have met and I'm married to someone who has left 2 comments on this post.