Thursday, December 27, 2007

Catch up...

Lots and Lots of things to catch my readers up to speed. So, I'll do what my friend Joy did...Ten things real quick:

1. Sorry I've not posted for real in forever.

2. Things have been CRAZY around here: power went out for 2.5 days during finals week, then visitors and Christmas.

3. Weigh in this morning put me at 156 again. It's HARD to lose when there's so much good food around at Christmas.

4. People wanted to see our Christmas pathetic as it is.
You might not be able to tell, but the tree only lights up half-way. We have the top off in an effort to find the bulbs that are out so that they whole tree will be lit. The red disc is an old CD marking the branch we think might be the problem.

5. Hehe...we gave up. It's packed away for next year. But, on the plus side, as my dear sweet sister-in-law pointed out - It can be one of my firsts for next year!!

6. I got a digital cam-corder for Christmas!

7. As a result of #6, I took a video of our house for those of you who haven't seen it. As soon as I can figure out how, I'll post it here.

8. I ended up sending out 143 Christmas cards. How many did you ladies send out?

9. I'm done with my pantry challenge. Anyone have favorite freezer meals? I'm hoping to fill my freezer with those for people in our church who need them, and for Micah and I to eat instead of boxed crud.

10. I have TONS of new year's resolutions. Mostly it's my 52 firsts and completing the Motivated Mom's sheet, but that sheet has 3 blanks for every-day tasks. One of my every-day tasks I'm going to try to do is blog....but don't hold your breath.


Reagan said...

Kinda looks like our new tree...We only put lights on, no bulbs. It feels like this year was way more hectic than last year!

Joy said...

That's quite the tree, Magen Ranae!

tsbjf said...

143 cards, wow!!! I sent out 50. (Thanks for your card by the way :) )

meesh said...

hee hee...I don't send Christmas cards =)

As for freezer meals, there's a site called 30 day gourmet chef or something like that... we like the hot pockets, chicken tenders, and breakfast burritos!

One of the things I added to MM (in place of "Empty Trash"...Andrew does that!) is Drink Water! I don't drink it enough, I think! Keep up the good work!