Friday, October 26, 2007

Coupon Party

As you can see, I'm WAY behind on clipping and sorting my coupons! I even have 2 (now three since this picture was taken) UNOPENED Sunday papers, 2 rebate forms I need to fill out and mail in, an All You magazine from JUNE (while unpacking more stuff in our new house, I found 3 more uncut magazines) and an accordian folder full of coupons even though I haven't used that system in MONTHS!
So, last night, me and two other girls (and my husband!) got together to cut and sort our coupons! I was sooooo behind, which is why I planned the party. It was sooo fun to get to hang out with them, but I didn't get nearly as much done as I would have liked!
Ok, in the picture, do you see the envelope full of already cut coupons? I only got through maybe 9/10ths of that!!
It's sooooo not fun to shop when you constantly have to dig through your coupons. I want to be caught up RIGHT NOW! I have been taking breaks between homework today to get caught up on my coupons. Wish me luck!


Joyous said...

ugh...I tell you, Magen, I've only ben doing this for...what?...two months or so and I feel like i'm never going to get caught up! Good luck, my dear!

dave & rachel said...

You can do it!

MagenRanae said...

Sorry you're behind too, Joyful. It's not nearly as much fun when you've got to search through your coupons! But, I thought you cut them while you were at work? Have you not been having time lately?

tsbjf said...

Woah, that's a lot of coupons!

Livvy said...

Good for people to know.