Monday, September 03, 2007

Golf Scores

So, Micah and I were lucky enough to get a chance to play Golf with Jere and Reagan! The only problem was we play be completely different rules! Among other things, we didn't agree on which direction play should proceed in.

Let's take a poll:
Do turns pass to the left (clockwise) or to the right (counter-clockwise)?

But, we would not be detered. We decided to play Micah and I's version, then Jere and Reagan's version, then Micah and I's again. The scores ended up:
Micah 118
Reagan 87
Jere 42
Magen 52

and, if we only take the scores where Micah and I's version was played, the scores look about the same:
Micah 70
Reagan 46
Jere 18
Magen 32

BUT, taking only the scores from Jere and Reagan's version, they look MUCH better!!:
Micah 48
Reagan 31
Jere 24
Magen 20

I think that's proof that I'm much more adaptive!!


Reagan said...

You posted them! Too funny...I thought I would let you know that we played cards (golf) Sunday night at the Chapel BBQ at the Bloom's and we passed them out clockwise...I know we have done it counter clockwise in the past but I think no one playing really cares or notices most of the time:) We need to play cards again soon!

tsbjf said...

So this is a card game called golf? Sounds interesting, I've never played.

Joy said...

OH! CARDS! He he he...I was, Magen playing golf...
he he he he he