Saturday, May 26, 2007


I went out earlier this week and did my shopping at Walgreens and Dillons. Here's what I got

2 windex class cleaners
2 windex surface cleaners
2 lysol air sanitizers
3 boxes of trash bags
1 dollar to breast cancer

Spent: $5.26
Will receive back: $7.70

8 Healthy Choice Entrees
2 Frozen Lasagnas
2 Bryers Ice cream
2 packages of lunch meat
2 packages of cheese slices
2 sour creams
4 toothbrushes
9 chef boyardee ravioli
2 Suddenly Salad

Spent: 31.46
Will Receive Back: 10.00

I love this hobby!!


luaphacim said...

I love this hobby too, my thrifty little love muffin! :-)

tsbjf said...

Woah!!! That is pretty sweet. And also, I didn't know that Windex sold a "class" cleaner. I'm just messing with you though, because I know it is "glass". You do good shopping with the coupons yo!

shawna said...

you should be posting these deals on coupon ladies! good job by the way. :)